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                  W.E.F.S.A.Y.F. Activities

The World Education Fellowship 41st International conference which took place in South Africa in 2001, laid a foundation for the establishment of the South African Youth chapter of WEF here in South Africa. The sixteen students who attended this conference from the former Vista University carried the mandate of the conference for the establishment of the youth chapter.
After the conference, these young people gathered to put together the constitution and the strategic plan as recommended by WEFSA. South African Fellowship for Education Youth Forum (SAFEYF) was formed. It is now known as World Education Fellowship South Africa Youth Forum (WEFSAYF).
The vision and mission of the WEFSAYF has been and is in line with those of the WEF. However, the objectives and activities are more of youth involvement and participation. Among others, the objectives and activities include the following:
  • Organize/attend workshops, conferences and creating a forum for the youth in a form of debate/group discussion.
  • Create forum for interaction and communication between SAFEYF, WEFYF and other organisations.
  • Encouraging the sharing of expertise amongst youth in joint research projects
  • Promote equality in all spheres and non-discrimination.
  • Educate and implement environmental education Organize HIV/AIDS awareness campaign
  • Carryout projects for the needy, old age, and promoting welfare for the minorities
  • Support social activities such as arts & culture
  • Empowering youth with life skills.
  • Create a forum for discussion and promote dialogue amongst the youth with regard to the daily challenges they are faced with.
Vista University served as a quality assurance body for SAFEYF since the majority of the members were studying at this university. The university provided an account, office, publications and other official assistance when need arose.
In 2001 the youth, housed by the Mamelodi campus of the former Vista University which is now known as the University of Pretoria, conducted their first community based project at the Mamelodi frail care for the aged (Masca). The youth helped the staff and the frail with every day to day chore which the owners of the centre required or needed help from. The aim of this project was to create awareness amongst youth about the importance of caring for the senior citizens.

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