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W.E.F.S.A. Small Businesses and Associates
The W.E.F.S.A Education, Training and Development Small Business Initiative makes use of a variety of public and private stakeholders in partnership by sharing resources, expertise and funds to execute its education, training and development vision of human resources and future business.   
Stakeholders currently associated with this W.E.F.S.A. Education, Training and Development Strategic initiative are:
  • World Education Fellowship South Africa Youth Forum (W.E.F.S.A.Y.F.)
  • Forum for Early Childhood Development (E.C.D.)
  • Anthony's Blinds
  • Lindfield
  • Spectrum Music
  • Bejeweled Trinkets
  • Linden Infinite Arts (L.I.A.)
  • Black Ginger Events (B.G.E.)
  • African Dream 


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