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Support and Services provided by S.T.A.L.K. EDUCATION

·                     Assessment, assessor training and quality assurance (including recognition of prior learning)

·                     ABET support and training

·                     Learnerships support and training

·                     Re-skilling/up-skilling programmes

·                     Occupational directed learning and consulting

·                     Curriculum development and assessment

·                     Links to National and international education centres of Higher Education

·                     Leadership development consulting

·                     Change management consulting

·                     Systems management and quality assurance

·                     Education and training accredited short courses

·                     Curriculum writing and learning text publication

·                     Employment and training of facilitators and instructors

·                     Educational and community research opportunities

·                     Study skills support

·                     Workplace skills development

·                     Performance appraisals

·                     Curriculum and learning programme design

·                     Management and community project development training.

·                     Stress management

·                     Psychological support services

·                     Educational support, management, research and development in FET (schools) and FET (institutions)

·                     Educational support, management, research and development in private companies that require training and upskilling support

                ·           Sound engineering, drama and music performance training

                ·           Modelling and entertainment training

                ·           Media advertising, printing, publishing and communications training

·           Team building in the workplace

·                     IT courses

·                     Life Orientation and community life skills training

·                     Moderation and verification training

·                     CASS classroom assessment training

·                     IQPMS (Integrated quality management performance systems) training

·                     Whole school evaluation


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