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Hospitality, Cultural Heritage, Tourism

Our services provided to hotels and restaurants (the hospitality industry) features training courses in developing customer liaison and complete satisfaction.
Catering and Restaurant Services:
A wide variety of courses are offered – from floor work right up to top management. Learnerships are offered within well known organisations to suit your study requirements. Earn while you learn is a key aspect in today’s world where every second counts. Our facilitators are picked from the finest in the country:
  • Chefs,
  • Restaurant & Hotel Managers,
  • Food and Beverage Technologists 
  • Front of House specialists.


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The latest addition to the organisation is a Victorian House located in Auckland Park. It prides itself of its antique content and the perspective it provides to visitors on the life style that existed in Johannesburg during the 1800’s. The house is a Sir Herbert Baker House called “Lindfield”. The owner, Katherine Love, hosts a number of information courses and tour guides as part of the cultural and environmental aspects of urbanised ecotourism. Caxton Press called ‘ Lindfield’ an epicentre for the historically inquisitive – a time capsule and the Heritage Trust expresses their opinion as a 5-star outing.
Courses offered are:
• 1800 Johannesburg heritage
• Tapestry and Lace Work
• Silverware
• Porcelain and glassware
• Herbs and Culinary Arts
• Urbanised Ecotourism, amongst others.
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