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Beyond 2000
Due to the lack of youth development, her passion for the Performing Arts Industry and a childhood dream, Dr Ellen Roux, 19 years ago, founded Beyond 2000, this extraordinary and dynamic woman has a passion for the Performing Arts Industry. Few people know this humble and unassuming lady, who hates being placed in the spotlight. As far as education goes, Ellen has a B.Sc. Degree, MBA and finished her PhD in 2005. 

She committed herself to the Youth of South Africa. A Platform was created by her in South Africa for up and coming performers in the Performing Arts Industry. It is professionally managed, with true career starting potential, open and accessible to all. Through this initiative she is now involved with several events and partnerships. Apart from these Dr Ellen Roux is involved in several pageants and events, i.e. Little Miss SA and Little Miss Petite South Africa, Miss Pre-Teen International, Miss Teen World SA , Miss Intercontinental, International Model of the Year, South African Championships for the Performing Arts and the World Championships of Performing Arts. All these competitions are done nationally as well as internationally, which gives the youth of South Africa Golden Opportunities. As Regional Director for Africa, National Director for South Africa and President of the National Directors Council and recently become a member of the Gauteng Arts & Culture Council, she was inducted in the Performing Arts Hall of Fame, alongside well known artists such as Dolly Parton as well as Liza Minnelli.

Dr Ellen Roux is also the founder of SAATME (The South African Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment )– a Section 21 Company that aims to set standards for, and protect the interest of parents, contestants and teachers in the Performing Arts Industry. This is the only platform that exists in South Africa to select “Team South Africa” to participate at the World Championships of Performing Arts. “The Cheapest open door to Hollywood and the only event that creates participation against the World” Mr Frik de Lange Joined Beyond 2000 in 2001 as CEO of Beyond 2000

As stated earlier in this article, Dr Ellen Roux has a passion for the Performing Arts. In the past there weren't as many opportunities available as there is today. She believes in promoting and developing young talent and giving these children the opportunities she never had. In short, Dr Ellen Roux can be described as extremely dynamic, active, self-motivated and vibrant person. Indeed a formidable woman! From September 15, 2008 Dr Ellen Roux has been appointed on the Gauteng Arts & Culture Council..




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