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Introduction to Sparkle Child & Youth Development


The Founders of Sparkle Child & Youth Development have seen the need for change and development in the community and its surrounding areas with regards to gangsterism, substance and drug abuse. As community leaders and role models, we are aiming to restore in the youth the vision of hope and prosperity through assisting, directing and guiding them.

We commit ourselves to quality education, training and community development for change and empowerment. This commitment is extended into child, youth and community development focussing on gangsterism, substance and drug abuse and developing community leaders and role models to restore in the youth prosperity and guidance.

Sparkle Child & Youth Development is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) committing itself to quality education, training and community development for change and empowerment. SPARKLE allows children to have a place of after school care to be free to do their school studies, with the help of caregivers, community volunteers and school teachers. We also provide our youth (School drop-outs) a good education by allowing them to complete their schooling studies. To assist our youth with governmental education and training courses, this can be available to them and empower them socially. We also want to create job opportunities through job creation initiative programmes.


Some of our members have wide experience in community development programmes which focus on youth empowerment, counselling and skills development.


SPARKLE has a wide range of services to support the education curriculum changes implemented in the national schooling and workplace education and community development training systems. We allow youth to explore their creative talents through arts and culture and performing arts. SPARKLE also assists the youth by guiding them in living fruitfully and be able to have a positive outlook on life and preparing the youth as to what life has to offer them.


 We promote education as a lifelong process for all people, regardless of sex, race, beliefs, economic status or abilities. We encourage co-operative community involvement in clarifying educational goals and undertaking educational programmes. We also secure for teachers the training, facilities, opportunities and status they need to be effective, professional people.


SPARKLE acts as a catalyst of change, where innovative and creative thought is needed to overcome challenges and provide workable solutions. We bring different stakeholders in education together, and foster links to develop communities of practice in both the workplace and formal and informal education.

Mission Statement: 


“Empowering Young Leaders of Today”





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