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Nature of the World Education Fellowship (WEF)
Founded in 1921, the World Education Fellowship is voluntary and non-partisan, and enjoys the status of a UNESCO non-government organisation. It is open to educators, members of associated professions, and to all members of the public, who have a common interest in education at all levels. The fellowship meets biannually at international conferences, publishes books and pamphlets and through its national selections, participates in workshops, meetings and developmental projects. The fellowship does not advocate any dogma; each member is free to put its principles into practice in ways which are best suited to his/her living and working environment.

Principles of the World Education Fellowship

  1. The primary purpose of education today is to help all of us to grow as self-respecting, sensitive, confident well-informed, competent and responsible individuals in society and in the world community.
  2. People develop these qualities when they live in mutually supportive environments where sharing purposes and problems generate friendliness, commitment and cooperation. Schools should aim to be communities of this kind.
  3. Learners should, as early as possible, take responsibility for the management of their own education in association with and support from others. They should be helped to achieve both local involvement and a global perspective.
  4. High achievement is best obtained by mobilising personal motivation and creativity within a context of open access to a variety of learning opportunities.
  5. Methods of assessment should aim to describe achievement and promote self-esteem.

Activities of the World Education Fellowship

In order that the above principles become a reality, WEF endeavours to:

  1. Identify and pursue changes in policies and procedures to meet the varying individual and shared educational needs of people of all ages.
  2. Promote greater social and economic justice and quality through achieving a high standard of education for all groups world wide.
  3. Encourage a balance between an education which nourishes the personal growth of individuals and one which stresses the social responsibility of each to work towards improving the human and physical environment.
  4. Foster educational contacts between all peoples including people from the third world in order to further international understanding and peace.
  5. Promote education as a lifelong process for all people, regardless of sex, race, beliefs, economic status or abilities.
  6. Encourage co-operative community involvement in clarifying educational goals and undertaking educational programmes.
  7. Secure for teachers the training, facilities, opportunities and status they need to be effective, professional people. 


The World Education Fellowship in South Africa (WEFSA) and its Youth Forum (WEFSAYF), founded in 2001 at the 41st WEF International Conference at Sun City, South Africa, is a recognised WEF chapter. It is an NGO-associated organization that has its international address located at the physical, postal, telephonic and electronic addresses for S.T.A.L.K. Education, below.
Ms Debbie De Jong - well known learning support specialist - addressed interested parents and teachers of Early Childhood Development on 'School Readiness Assessment' in preparation for primary school.
This event was hosted by World Education Fellowship in South Africa (WEFSA) and S.T.A.L.K. ECD School of Excellence.
Date:    23rd and 30th May
Place:  Riverlea Recreation Centre
Time:   09h00 to 12h00.    
There was an overwhelming response in attendance. The participants have eagerly requested further followup sessions on a variety of different topics, like: movement, healthy learning, nutrition, and enrichment through play.
For more information [click here]
W.E.F.S.A. (World Education Fellowship South Africa)
WEFSA's ECD 2010 Annual Service Awards for " Best ECD Practitioner" will once again be hosted to acknowledge the excellent work and good ECD Practice.
Venue:  The Riverlea Empowerment Centre
Date:     04 December 2010
Time:     09h00
Professional Child Care Collage
Professional Child Care Collage will be handing out certificates for Basic E.C.D. Practice to all the E.C.D. Practitioners who have completed the course and who were declared competent 

Venue:  The Riverlea Empowerment Centre
Date:     04 December 2010
Time:     09h00
W.E.F.S.A. and  Infinite Performance Arts is hosting a fund raising event called "In the Heat of The Night". Through W.E.F.S.A's performing arts productions is aiming to use these events as youth development fundraisers to finance youth development and early childhood development (E.C.D.) initiatives. 
The first event will take place on the 26th and 27th November 2010 at the Majestic Theater in Fordsburg, Johannesburg . Tickets are available at R100-00 per person per night.

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