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S.T.A.L.K. EDUCATION provides quality education, training, research and development in Science, Technology, Arts, Life Skills and Cultural Knowledge. Our quality is achieved through integrated thinking, feeling and skills development that achieves holistic development in the education of both adult and child.....
S.T.A.L.K. Education prides itself in its team members that always ensure that our education and training support services, projects and events are:

 Dynamic                        Worthwhile
Optimistic                       Equitable
  Noteworthy                     Long-lived
   Excellent                         Legitimate

All projects, business ventures, products and services, personnel and support staff are selected to support the above value statement.
These foundational values are the success factors that attest to our record of achievement.


By virtue of the special experiences, skills and world views, the personnel and support staff offer a creative, authentic and collective approach to the projects they are engaged in.


Client satisfaction and records of service excellence is important to us.
Our values are achieved through iterative, dynamic and quality assured processes that are authentic, inclusive and action based to ensure high standards of quality and achievement.

Our corporate culture reflects in our purpose as:

The integration of thinking, feeling and competency in order to achieve quality holistic development to meet the unique needs of all learners (both adult and child) in personal development, educational training and employment.


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