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Judy's Little Angels


Judy’s Little Angles Aftercare is a small business initiative that is quality assured and managed trough the World Education Fellowship South Africa (W.E.F.S.A.), which focuses on the educational development of children and youth in Primary School and in Senior Secondary School.


Judy’s Little Angles Aftercare provides an opportunity for learners to improve and further develop their study and homework skills. This Aftercare initiative allows children to have a place for after school care and education support services, providing learners to be free to do their school educational studies in a home based environment.


Judy’s Little Angles Aftercare has a wide range of services to support the education curriculum changes implemented in the national schooling system. We promote education as a lifelong learning process for all people, regardless of sex, race, beliefs, economic status or abilities.


We encourage co-operative community involvement in clarifying educational goals and undertaking educational programmes. We commit ourselves to quality education, training development for change and empowerment of children and youth for them to become our future leaders.


Aftercare times, from 14h00 in the afternoons until 17h00. School children must be on our premises at 21, Waterval Road, Newlands, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2092, by 14h30 in the afternoon as lunch is served exactly at 14h30. Children are expected to bring all their homework with them so that the nessacery assistance can be provided in time before they leave. They will be given extra work to complete when and if they are done or don’t have any homework to do. There will always be something to learn as per our planned programmes.  Each child will get their workbook and their extra work and the end of the year.


Parents will also be updated on their child’s progression. Stationary items will be provided and will stay on the property of the Aftercare. There are time registers for each child and coming and going times are noted down. Children’s safety comes first and it is important that parents advise their children that they have to stick to the rules at all times. Lunch and juice will be provided for the afternoons. 


We hope that we will work together to make and give the children a better future.  If we as parents and children work together they as our children have the best chance of a good future.

Contact Information:


Judy O’Kelley                                     
Judy’s Little Angles Aftercare           
Tel: 011 673 9857                               
Cell:084 716 5027                                                      
E-mail: judyokelly21@gmail.com    


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