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MacMillan South Africa
Beyond 2000


S.T.A.L.K. EDUCATION provides all your educational and training needs and support services in adult, youth and child learning and development.

All our courses and support services are provided by experienced educators and examiners.

Tutorial support provided by teachers in training.

(Accredited and Non-Accredited Courses)

Adult courses (Workplace Skills Training)

Training Courses

Course Duration


Assessor Training

2-5 day courses

R4000-4800 per candidate

Workplace Assessor Training  

2-5 day course

R4000-R4800 per candidate

RPL Assessment

1-2 day course

R2000 per candidate per

unit standards

Team Building

1 week training

R3500-R4000 per candidate

Corporate Culture development

Varies per topic 

Negotiated times

R3000-R4000 per candidate

Spokesperson Development

5 day course

R4000 per candidate

Corporate Fashion and


2 Month course

R3000-R4000 per month

Computer Literacy and I.T.

2-6 days

R750-R10000 per subject*

ICDL Training Qualification


1 to 3 Years

R 17000-00 per candidate for

7 modules

Curriculum Design

1-5 days

R4000 per candidate

ABET Assessment Training

1 week session

R2500-R3000 per candidate

ABET Facilitation Training

1 week course

R2500 per candidate

ECD Facilitation Skills

1 Month

R3500-R4500 per candidate

ECD Practitioner Skills

2 to 4 year course

R5000 per candidate per

unit standard

Learning Programme Design

1-5 days

R4000-R5000 per candidate

Management Skills Training

Varies per topic 

Negotiated times

R5000-R7500 per candidate

Varies per topic

Project Management Training

3 day course

R5000 per candidate

HIV/AIDS Management Training

1-3 day course

R3000-R4000 per candidate

Facilitation Skills Training

1 week course

R1500-R2000 per candidate

Outcomes Based Education


5 day course

R4000-R5000 per candidate


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