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  Infinite Education Department
The INFINITE EDUCATION department of S.T.A.L.K. EDUCATION provides outcomes based education and training support and services for both schooling and the workplace arena.
Our consortium believes in what it preaches, namely ‘Inclusion’ – ‘Education for All’. We have great strengths in that we one of the few organisations that pride ourselves in our working relationships that pursue the South African Constitutional tenets in practice. We are entirely South African based and provide service to all South Africans. Our financial support is justly earned from providing service to South Africans by South Africans. Our consortium boasts a clear interaction defined within memoranda of understanding that are based on the philosophies of construction of meaning through inclusion and human rights.

This corporate cultural belief empowers our working relationships to greater heights of achievement. Our dynamic personnel, all Children of South Africa, are essential to our success. Their friendly and well educated contributions have made all our working relationships and clients very satisfied and content. The delivery of our products and services are noted for their action-based focus. This allows us to provide unique solutions in an interactive way to all contexts. Our client references can attest to the quality of our working relationships and the variety of services can be evidenced through the collective records provided further on.  
Schooling, College and Workplace sector education and training is supported through our Education Practitioner Training and Support Programmes. Workplace staffing and personnel skills gaps identified from performance appraisals feed information into in-service education and training programmes. Persons training as workplace education and training practitioners and schooling educators are also supported through pre-service training courses for registered SAQA qualifications.
Our learning practitioners and teachers are trained in outcomes-based facilitation, teaching methods and assessment approaches to support best practice.
The programmes are offered to in-service and training practitioners, curriculum designers, human resource departments, assessors, moderators, verifiers and systems quality assurance persons.
Our learner tuition and support services
Does your child need learning support and extra-tuition?
Do you feel that your child needs further enrichment?
Do you believe that your child can achieve more?


We offer:

Afternoon lessons and learning support for grades 7 to 12;

Enrichment lessons and courses for grades 7 to 12;

Adult accredited short courses in....

Physical Science, Life Sciences, Computer Literacy,

English, Visual Art, Drama, Music and Sound Technology.

Our educators are experienced and qualified in their respective fields. Some have been Provincial and National examiners as well as textbook writers. We offer individual and group classes. Our support services are aligned to the Outcomes-Based Education policies of the National Department of Education. ......
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S.T.A.L.K. Education has authors who has designed, and written texts for Macmillan SA Publishers and Nasou Via Afrika Publisher (NVA). The texts are pitched at grade 10, 11, 12 and FET Colleges and University students, educators and lectureres.
Our authors are come from a variety of background, workplace, university and the schooling arenas, with a variety of knowledge skills and values
Macmillan SA and S.T.A.L.K. Publications
MacMillan Publishers SA, STALK Education and Infinite Education has a working relationship in publishing the FET First Client Services and Human Relation,Teaching Science in the OBE Classroom, Life Sciences for All, grades 10 and 12 and Agricultural Sciences for All grade 10 texts.
All texts cater for FET Colleges and University students, educators, lectureres and school learners.  
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NVA Life Sciences and Computer Applications Technology Publications
All these texts are designed around the OBE and OBA frameworks.
Texts available for Life Sciences and Computer Applications Technology grades 10 - 12 Learner's Books, Teacher's Guides, Learner's Portfolios of Assessments, Teacher's Programmes of Assessments and CAT DVD and all other FET subjects.
The texts for NVA can be obtained through S.T.A.L.K. Education by completing an order form.[click here for order form]


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South Africa.
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