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Organisational Structure


As our client’s needs are diverse, S.T.A.L.K. Education provides products and services through functional divisions/departments that execute the organisational purpose within a variety of workplace fields.

 These departments are indicative of the diversity of expertise and products, services and support which we attest to.

Education, Training, Development Platform

Formal and informal education, training, 
development and school support services.
 Infinite Education – products, services and projects associated with ECD,  primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, adult basic education and training and occupationally directed education and training needs.
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Performance Art & Events Management Platform


Tuition and master class
es in music, voice, drama, dance and pageantry, regular soirées, events, and promotions
  •  Infinite Performance Art – products,  services, training, master classes and  projects associated with dance, drama,  music, voice, sound engineering, recording and artist promotions.


  Products  Services  Programmes  Events    Platform
Computer I.T. and Communication Platform


Formal and informal education and training, school support services, 
computer and I.T. products, accessories, services and new technologies.
  •  Infinite Computer IT – products,  services and projects associated with information and communications  technology, network design  and implementation, network gateways, data storage and management systems, VoIP phone systems, Voice Over IP solutions, Tau Voice and associated training.    
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Community Development Platform

Empowerment and development of communities through support services and job creation initiatives that give rise to a variety of projects, needed products, and services.

  • Infinite Community Development 
  •  products, services and projects associated with the initiation, development and support of small businesses, job creation, empowerment and maintenance of standards associated with the social development of communities.
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  Business Management Platform

Education and training and consulting services in management, strategic planning, corporate culture, policy development, to businesses and their projects


  • Infinite Management – products, consulting services and projects associated with business, administration, finance, project and event management, mentoring, and associated training.


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Hospitality, Cultural Heritage, Tourism Platform
Formal and informal education and training, school support services, hiring of function venues and catering services for events, bookings for outings to interest sites and cultural museums. Infinite Hospitality – products, services, training and projects associated with travel and tourism, chaperone services,
  • customer care, service excellence standards and catering. 
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  • Infinite Fashion and Pageantry – products, services, training and projects associated corporate culture, diplomacy, fundraising, public speaking and corporate image.


  • Infinite Cultural Heritage – products, services, training, information, research, travel and tourism, and events associated with our South African historical and cultural heritage.



Health and Safety
Formal and informal education and training, school readiness testing,  counseling, HIV/AIDS, first aid and nutrition awareness information and support services
Leadership, Diplomacy, Mentoring
Education, training and development corporate governance structures, business model, ideology and corporate culture, human resources for communications and media
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S.M.M.E. Development Initiatives

Develop human resources as future employees for job creation opportunities, innovative education and training development, business development needs.
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Global Networking Programmes
Extended education, training, development and business networking links and opportunities, locally and internationally.
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