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Beyond 2000

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Infinite Management Department
Most organisations are aware that personnel
development is the answer. These are some of the methods organisations use:

• Performance bonuses
• Team Building
 Generalised training seminaries
 Performance appraisals
 Disciplinary action
 Internal Surveys
 Do these provide the solution
your organisation needs?

Infinite Corporate Culture Consulting Services

An organisation, being a body of people, has a
culture of its own.The personnel within the company provide the corporate
culture.The organisation must have a collectively developedunderstanding of its
prescribed direction.


The OCD program is a concept that determines the
boundaries of and understands the diverse South African
Business.Business's operate in a South African environment and areaffected
by the customary South African perplexity of a diversity of people
whom have their own belief systems and ideals thatinfluence their behaviour,
which in turn affects corporate cultureand how stakeholders perceive the
organisation. A soundimpression reads a better business and assured growth.


The importance of this approach is to empower
the current workforce who already has the business knowledge needed
ratherthan finding new employees. This in turn will result in a
cultivatedperception by stakeholders. The purpose of the OCD
program is to empower the Individual within the business. This
means that each individual will generate rewarding returns for
the business and for themselves and by doing so will create an
Organisational Culture that strengthens and supports a
successful business.

The OCD program achieves this by the assessment and
analysisof the companies goals, strategic plans and key performanceoutcomes to
that of the individuals expertise, experience, skillsand position held within
the Company using quantitative andqualitative methods. It includes the aspects
of the currentsolutions used to achieve this.

The OCD program will assess the outcomes of this
analysis andprovide an in-depth management report that will define thestrengths
and weakness of the individuals achieving thecompanies key performance outcomes.
This will be developedinto an affective program that aligns applicable areas
that can becorrected through further skills development and by accreditingthose
who have the skill but not the recognition of that skill.

The OCD program will also assist the Company in
adhering toNational Skills Development requirements, who's objectives are to develop
a culture of high quality life long learning, foster skillsdevelopment in the
economy for productivity and employmentgrowth, stimulate and support skills
development in smallbusiness, promote skills development for employability
andsustainable livelihoods through social development initiatives.

The OCD program has been developed by South Africans
whohave worked within this environment and have acquired first hand knowledge
about the importance of developing a novel approach to the business
problem, using tried and tested methods in different ways.

Infinite Change Management Services

Our Consortial arrangement with our business
partners provides a dynamic and well –respected support service to
S.T.A.L.K. education (cc) in this arena of organisational support
and consulting. We have a long and well respected working
arrangement based on shared corporate belief systems and the
motivation for successful entrepreneurship.

STALK Education provided the framework for the
Change Management and Action Research Philosophy as associated with
corporate governance. These aspects to organisational management
are contracted out to our exclusive and highly valued partners in
this arena. Refer to the Frameworks that Govern out Corporate Practice
in this regard.

To establish a human and participatory
organisation, working inteams or groups is a very important entity in
education, trainingand development. We are able to work with teams, groups
andinstitutions and get people involved and keep people involved inour
Our success is based on the following aspects:
 Blocks of teams
 Motivation and influence
 Communication and report writing
 Decision making
 Delegation and an abundance
 Principle centered power

Infinite Financial Management Services

This aspect of Infinite Management is still being
developed.Training and consultation services are provided as neededthrough out
sourcing to appropriate service providers

Infinite Publicity and Advertising Consulting

Matthew Sher is the founder of the D.U.O Agency
and winner of multiple creative awards in SA and abroad. He was
the father of brand that captured over 10% market share
in the SA air travel sector in their first year. He has also
successfully re-launched and marketed heavyweight brands such
as De Beers, Hollard, British Airways, Wimpy, Nando’s, Finance
Week, Nike, Sun International Dreams, Edcon Group (Jet), MTN,
Tsogo Sun (Monté Casino) and Lovelife. His background was in
design and then into above the line branding where he worked
for only the leading agencies; TBWA Hunt Lascaris, Herdbouys
McCann Erikson, The Jupiter Drawing Room and M&C Saachi /
Morrisjones & Co.