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Beyond 2000

ond 2000

Nature of the World Education Fellowship (WEF)

Founded in 1921, the World Education Fellowship is voluntary and non-partisan, and enjoys the status of a UNESCO non-government organisation. It is open to educators, members of associated professions, and to all members of the public, who have a common interest in education at all levels. The fellowship meets biannually at international conferences, publishes books and pamphlets and through its national selections, participates in workshops, meetings and developmental projects. The fellowship does not advocate any dogma; each member is free to put its principles into practice in ways which are best suited to his/her living and working environment.
Principles of the World Education Fellowship
(a)     The primary purpose of education today is to help all of us to 
grow as self-respecting, sensitive, confident well-informed, 
competent and responsible individuals in society and in the world community.
(b)     People develop these qualities when they live in mutually supportive environments where sharing purposes and problems generate friendliness, commitment and cooperation. Schools should aim to be communities of this kind.
(c)     Learners should, as early as possible, take responsibility for the management of their own education in association with and
support from others. They should be helped to achieve both local  involvement and a global perspective.
(d)     High achievement is best obtained by mobilising personal motivation and creativity within a context of open access to a variety of learning opportunities.

(e)     Methods of assessment should aim to describe achievement and promote self-esteem.   

Activities of the World Education Fellowship

In order that the above principles become a reality, WEF endeavours to:
(a)    Identify and pursue changes in policies and procedures to meet the varying individual and shared educational needs of people of all ages.

(b)    Promote greater social and economic justice and quality through achieving a high standard of  education for all groups world wide.

(c)    Encourage a balance between an education which nourishes the personal growth of individuals and one which stresses the social responsibility of each to work towards improving the human and physical environment.
(d)    Foster educational contacts between all peoples including people from the third world in order to further international understanding and peace.
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World Education Fellowship News


Professor Shinjo Okuda, the President of WEF

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Professor Shinjo Okuda, the President of WEF.

Professor Okuda died peacefully early in the morning on the 2nd March 2010  after a period of illness.

He was 87 years old. The funeral service will be held at the Gokokuji temple in Tokyo on March 8th.

Professor Akiko Kawasaki, daughter of Shinjo Okuda, will be the chief mourner at the service.

Professor Shinjo Okuda served as President of WEF since 1994.

He attended the 39th WEF International Malaysia (Kuching)

Conference, and the India Conference and also the WEF International General Meeting on 9th of August in 1996 in London .

We are sure that you will wish to join us in expressing our condolences to Akiko Kawasaki, his daughter, and to other members of his family, on their loss, and to express our thanks for the life of service which Professor Okuda lived as a great educator.


Christine Wykes                 Guadalupe Turner

Chairperson, WEF Int     General Secretary, WEF Int


South African Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment (SAATME)


The South African Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment (SAATME) caters for all age and gender groups.
These competitions are held every year, were all participants can display their talents and participate in one of the worlds biggest talent, modelling and entertainment functions. This allows participants to become the stars they were born to become.
The categories for participants to display their talents and interests at our Linden Infinite Arts school are:
  • Modelling
  • Dancing
  • Vocal
  • Acting
  • Bands
  • Comedy
  • Instrumental
Infinite Fashion supports SAATME in providing contestants on an annual basis to the World Championships of Performance Art. Our pageantry courses are not modelling courses, but develop women as business spokes persons as marketing and advertising agents.
The categories of training range from the age group of 3 years ld to 35 years old and cover aspects of poise, movement, carriage, speaking, make-up, fashion choice, colour coding and hairstyling. All pageantry artists are required to show and demonstrate expertise in 3 to 5 fields of the performance arts. Males are also eligible as the international advertising and film industries constantly search for new personalities of all cultures and race groups for their products.
The World Championships is an international artistic talent competition held yearly in October in sunny California. Countries from around the world send outstanding competitors to the United States for this competition. In 2001 over 30 countries participated. Over a course of a heated week of events, competitors go head to head in a wide variety of competitions. In each category there is a fierce contest of skills to see who is truly the most accomplished in the world. The winner gets a coveted gold medal that brings with it the respect and admiration of people around the globe along with the possible career opportunity of a lifetime. The incredible strength of national pride pushes each and every one of the competitors to give their best and the result is a must see event
Southern African Association For Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
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